Meet Franchisee, Matt Dwyer
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Meet Franchisee, Matt Dwyer

As a qualified results coach with extensive project management experience, a passion for self-development, and exceptional communication skills, Matt joins the Refresh team ready to fire on all cylinders. His varied background - including specialised work in the underground coal mining industry – sees him bring a range of skills, experience, and vision to his new role as a Refresh Franchisee.

Matt has a talent for helping people reach their goals and loves Refresh’s client-focussed approach to renovation. He works with clients to unpack their ideas and create greater clarity around their renovation needs and goals. He knew the Refresh systems and processes aligned well with his own approach to management, so joining the team was an easy choice!

Matt knows how to listen, communicate, and deliver projects on time and on budget, and is excited to provide outstanding results for his customers.

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