Refresh Renovations - A Transformational Franchise
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Refresh Renovations - A Transformational Franchise

It is common knowledge that renovation projects tend to take more time and money than homeowners originally plan for. A lot of this comes down to poor planning and project management, as well as too much organisation being left to the homeowner. When the directors of Traffic looked into what was really going on in the the renovation sector they saw a gap for a franchise. As a result one of the best franchises in New Zealand launched: Refresh Renovations.

Traffic, which has been running since 2003, promotes growth and resources within business. Its client base originally included brands such as Mercury Energy, Dulux and Fletcher Building. In 2010, the team behind Traffic began using their expertise to create and grow their own brand: Refresh Renovations - an international franchise which has now completed over 1,000 renovations worldwide. Their secret? They follow a unique process which focuses on giving customers their renovations on time and on budget.

Refresh Renovations uses a top-down approach to ensure customers don’t waste their time and money. This approach includes five steps:

1) An initial consultation between specialist and client

2) Looking at concept feasibility

3) Detailed planning and working drawings

4) Construction

5) Project completion

Franchisees provide clients with one point of contact through every stage of the renovation and clients can keep track of their project online. If you are interested in buying a franchise, Refresh is a great option.

How do I become a Refresh Renovations franchisee?

If you have been looking into franchise ideas and have an interest in renovations, Refresh could be a good choice for you. Traffic is largely interested in franchisees who are business professionals, especially those who are experienced in sales, marketing and management. Essentially, being a Refresh franchisee is about running a business, providing great customer service and ensuring contracted tradespeople complete the clients renovation according to plan.  

Franchisees are given a huge amount of support from the team at Traffic’s head office. This includes marketing support, hands on training and a large amount of resources. This ensures franchisees are confident in their role, they have a clear understanding of how to carry out the Refresh process and their services are promoted on the Refresh Renovations website.

If you are interested in owning a Refresh Renovations franchise, get in touch to find out more. Refresh is a multi-award winning company, offering business opportunities in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Since 2010, Traffic has also launched Zones Landscaping, a franchise which provides end-to-end landscaping and outdoor building services, as well as Encore Services, which provides repairs, decorating, maintenance and installation.

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